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Schemes for Engineers in Research and Development

Global Research Awards

This Scheme is now closed to further applicants and will cease to be available as from 1.4.11
Applications which have already been received in full or in draft form will still be considered.

Aims of the scheme

Cover of the Global Research Awards brochureThe Global Research Award scheme provides UK-based engineers currently engaged in research the opportunity to undertake a secondment overseas for a period of three months to one year. The scheme encourages the development of international research networks and knowledge transfer within any engineering discipline. Benefits of the research to the UK may include enhancing prosperity, the uptake of a globally competitive technology, improving quality of life or stimulating wealth creation.

The Scheme

This scheme enables engineers to work with overseas organisations that are leading the development of new or enhanced technology, or conducting engineering research not currently pursued in the UK. The purpose is to:

  • Provide equally beneficial opportunities to seconded engineer, Employer and overseas Host

  • Establish lasting research collaborations between the UK and overseas organisations

  • Enable engineers to gain experience of alternative research techniques or methodologies

  • Disseminate gained knowledge to the UK engineering, scientific and business communities via seminars, workshops, public lectures and publications


For the Awardee

  • Prestigious international Award

  • Access to knowledge and techniques not currently available in the UK

  • Collaboration with key researchers

For the Employer

  • Establishment of an international research network

  • Additional source of funding

  • Develop new links with overseas organisation


The scheme is open to engineers from all engineering disciplines (in academia or industry) with several years of postgraduate experience in R&D. Applicants must be confident of achieving their aims and objectives of their proposed research programme during their secondment and of contributing to the UK engineering research community as a whole on their return. Applicants should be employed in industry, higher education institutes, local government, research associations or other approved R&D organisations, based in the UK. The host organisation may be chosen from the overseas equivalent of any one of these categories (though not a parent or subsidiary company of the employer) provided that it is a recognised centre of excellence in the chosen field. Please note that full time PhD research students are not eligible. Applicants must be salaried employees in either industry or academia to be eligible for an Award. 


The secondment can be for a period of no less than three months and a maximum of one year. The secondment may also be taken as modules and completed over a period of up to three years providing the cumulative number of months on secondment is not more than twelve.


The scheme provides funding for the salary of the secondee, indirect costs, travel and accommodation for the secondee and accompanying family. The Academy will pay approximately half the cost of the secondment, with all the remaining costs to be covered by the employer. Funds are paid directly to the employer, quarterly in arrears, once the secondment begins.

Please refer to the Guidance Notes (link below) for further details.

Programme of Work

Clear benefits must be shown for the candidate and for research in the UK. The overseas Host might have involvement with advanced engineering facilities not readily available elsewhere, in which new technologies are being developed, tested or applied. The applicant, Employer and Host will agree upon a work programme with mutually beneficial aims.

How to Apply

Global Research Award applications are welcomed throughout the year – there are no closing dates and applicants may submit at any time. The scheme application form must be completed in full and appended to the necessary supporting documentation detailed on the reverse of the application form. Applicants are advised to download the scheme guidance notes which provide the necessary information on putting together a complete application and further details on the application and assessment process. Please note that at least two months are required for processing an application and that processing will take a minimum of three months for those applications submitted in November and December.

Reporting Procedures

Bimonthly reports and a final report should be prepared and submitted to the Scheme Manager. Please use the links below for further information.

Diversity Monitoring Form

The data provided in the Diversity Monitoring form will be used for monitoring purposes only and will form no part of the scheme’s selection procedure.


A short survey addressing the features of this Award can be found below. Any comments you would like to provide on this scheme would be greatly appreciated.


For further information please read the scheme FAQ's or contact Research Programmes.

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