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Schemes for Researchers and Professional Engineers

  • Distinguished Visiting Fellowship Scheme

    The scheme provides funding to enable an academic engineering department in a United Kingdom (UK) university to be a host for up to a month to a Distinguished Visiting Fellow from an overseas academic centre of excellence. For advice please contact the Scheme Manager.

    Scheme Manager: Catherine Lawrence

    [E-mail Catherine Lawrence]

  • Research Chairs

    The Research Chairs Scheme provides funding for full time professorial appointments, at UK universities, in order to develop pre-competitive research programmes which will attract significant sponsorship and support from UK industry. The Royal Academy of Engineering aims to strengthen industrial/academic links through co-funding the appointments with industrial organisations, over periods of five years, to establish, or enhance, an internationally renowned centre of excellence in an identified area of engineering.

    Scheme Manager: Dr Ian Forristal

    [E-mail Ian Forristal]

  • Research Fellowships

    The Fellowships have been introduced to help outstanding engineers develop their careers in research at a UK university. Complementing the Research Chairs and Fellowships jointly funded with industry, these posts offer freedom to concentrate on research in any field of engineering. They also provide time to establish a track record, together with reduced teaching and administrative duties. An Academy mentor is also on hand to offer advice and facilitate industrial contacts. Fellowships are open to outstanding researchers from all branches of engineering who are about to finish their PhD, or have up to 3 years Post-Doctoral experience. The award is conditional upon a doctorate being awarded before the Fellowship starts.

    Scheme Manager: Angus Baker

    [E-mail Angus Baker]

  • Royal Academy of Engineering/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowships

    These Fellowships provide an opportunity for mid-career academics based in UK universities to be relieved of their administrative and teaching responsibilities, for between one academic term and a year, in order to concentrate on full time research in any engineering discipline. The award provides a grant to cover the cost of a replacement member of staff for the period of the Fellowship to carry out the teaching and administrative responsibilities of the researcher. A support fund of up to 2,500 is also available as part of the Fellowship.

    Scheme Manager: Tapsi Khambra

    [E-mail Tapsi Khambra]

  • Senior Research Fellowships

    These Fellowships enable an individual to progress in his or her chosen field whilst benefiting from and contributing to an established centre of excellence. This scheme runs in parallel with the Research Chairs scheme and aims to attract outstanding researchers with several years postdoctoral experience. Senior Research Fellows are free from the constraints of teaching and administration to concentrate on research that, in this case, is closer to the requirements of the industrial sponsors, who take a more proactive role in monitoring the programmes. Senior Research Fellowships are available in any engineering-related subject. Funding is provided for a maximum of five years.

    Scheme Manager: Dr Ian Forristal

    [E-mail Ian Forristal]

  • Research Exchanges with China and India

    This scheme will enable either a UK academic researcher to spend time at an Indian or Chinese university, or an Indian or Chinese researcher to visit a UK university. There will be two types of award available. Short awards will be available to support exploratory or networking visits of up to one month. Major awards, lasting between three and 12 months, will be offered to support more substantial and longer term projects. The awards will cover the researcher’s living expenses, travel and accommodation.

    Scheme Manager: Catherine Lawrence

    [E-mail Catherine Lawrence]

  • Newton International Fellowships

    The aim of the new scheme is to encourage outstanding, early career postdoctoral researchers based outside the UK to undertake high quality research at UK academic Institutions for a period of two years. Subsequent additional alumni funding will be available for a period of up to ten years to strengthen long term links with researchers overseas.

    Scheme Manager: Catherine Lawrence

    [E-mail Catherine Lawrence]

  • Enterprise Fellowships

    The Enterprise Fellowships are prestigious awards that provide funding and support to outstanding entrepreneurial researchers, working at a UK University, to enable them to spend 12 months developing the commercial potential of their research.

    Scheme Manager: Katie Melton

    [E-mail Katie Melton]


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