The Engineering Policy Committee’s role is to advise and be responsible to the Trustee Board for the engineering policy of the Academy and for all matters concerned with the application of engineering knowledge and principles (other than education and training). It should identify, monitor and promote attention to emerging and generic issues of importance to engineering in pursuit of this role.


Professor John Loughhead OBE FREng 


Gavin Campbell FREng

Tim Chapman FREng

Professor John Clarkson FREng

Dr Steve Denton FREng

Professor Paul Howarth FREng

Professor Nick Jennings CB FREng

Dr Mike Lloyd FREng

Professor Jim Norton FREng

Catriona Schmolke FREng

Paul Taylor FREng

Professor Mark Tooley FREng

Steve Yianni FREng

Ex Officio

Professor Serena Best FREng 

Committee secretariat

Dr Alan Walker

Procedure for reviewing proactive reports (15.63 KB)

Procedure for reviewing responses (12.44 KB)