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The Academy's most recent publications are listed below in reverse date order. Another way of searching through Academy reports is to look through themes.

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Apr 14 Wind energy: implications of large-scale deployment on the GB electricity system (2784KB)Document icon image
Academy produced a report that assesses the potential for wind energy to contribute to meeting the government's targets of providing 15% of the UK's energy from renewable sources by 2020 and cutting 80% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050
Mar 14 Engineering in society (2634KB)Document icon image
This e-book aims to provide students with a wider perspective on the profession of engineering. It has been produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Leeds' Centre for Inter-Disciplinary Applied Ethics (IDEA), and is supported by the ICE, IET, IChemE, IOM3 and IMechE, and the Engineering Council.
Feb 14 Public projects and procurement in the UK sharing experience and changing practice (331KB)Document icon image
A report exploring how taking an engineering approach could help the UK government meet its tactical, operational and strategic objectives for procurement.
Nov 13 Made for the Future (1074KB)Document icon image
A report exploring future ways of making, using and recycling consumer goods, setting out the challenges for designers and manufacturers in creating a sustainable domestic supply chain
Royal Academy of Engineering
Nov 13 Innovation in medical technologies (1072KB)Document icon image
A summary of a meeting organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering 19 June 2013 at 3 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DG
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Nov 13 Additive manufacturing: opportunities and constraints (1250KB)Document icon image
A report of a roundtable meeting on the future of additive manufacturing in the UK, reality of the technology and its potential to open up new areas of manufacturing
Oct 13 GB electricity capacity margin (413KB)Document icon image
A study undertaken at the request of the Prime Minister's Council for Science and Technology (CST) to explore whether the capacity margin of the GB electricity system could reach unacceptably low levels within this decade.
Royal Academy of Engineering
Jul 13 Future ship powering options (5216KB)Document icon image
A report exploring current and potential future marine propulsion systems, measuring them against the twin but related objectives of energy efficiency and environmental sustainability
Jun 13 Establishing high-level evidence for the safety and efficacy of medical devices and systems (900KB)Document icon image
Summary of a roundtable forum hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering and The Academy of Medical Sciences
Jun 13 Smart Buildings - people and performance (1357KB)Document icon image
The report of a roundtable meeting on the potential of Smart Buildings to help reduce energy use, enable supported living and provide valuable services.


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