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Engineering in society

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May 14 An insight into modern manufacturing Etf report (2986KB)Document icon image
This report tells the story of UK manufacturing from the perspective of the businesses involved. This is not about detailed econometric analysis or statistics; however, by using the manufacturers' words andexperiences, the report sets out a snapshot of the issues that matter to manufacturers.
Mar 14 Engineering in society (2634KB)Document icon image
This e-book aims to provide students with a wider perspective on the profession of engineering. It has been produced by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the University of Leeds' Centre for Inter-Disciplinary Applied Ethics (IDEA), and is supported by the ICE, IET, IChemE, IOM3 and IMechE, and the Engineering Council.
Feb 14 Public projects and procurement in the UK sharing experience and changing practice (331KB)Document icon image
A report exploring how taking an engineering approach could help the UK government meet its tactical, operational and strategic objectives for procurement.
Nov 13 Made for the Future (1074KB)Document icon image
A report exploring future ways of making, using and recycling consumer goods, setting out the challenges for designers and manufacturers in creating a sustainable domestic supply chain
Royal Academy of Engineering
Sep 13 Crossrail: delivering largest infrastructure project in Europe (2962KB)Document icon image
The Lloyd's Register Foundation Lecture 2013 delivered by Andrew Wolstenholme OBE FREng
Andrew Wolstenholme
Nov 12 Human enhancement and the future of work (642KB)Document icon image
A report of a workshop jointly hosted by the Royal Academy of Engineering, Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy and the Royal Society
Joint report
Oct 12 Report on engineering capacity in Sub-Saharan Africa (2761KB)Document icon image
The A-UK Partnership has conducted research into capacity building needs in the engineering sector in Sub Saharan Africa. Through the use of interviews with key stakeholders and widely distributed surveys, as well as a literature review, this research aimed to gather views of both professional engineers and the decision makers who interacted with them on how the formation, status and impact of engineers in Africa can be improved.
Sep 12 How can sport drive engineering innovation? (586KB)Document icon image
A report summarising the key points raised at an international and multidisciplinary one-day conference highlighting the links between sporting excellence and innovative engineering. Organised by the Royal Academy of Engineering in partnership with the Science and Innovation Network (SIN) Paris, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, the Healthcare Knowledge Transfer Network, and UK Trade & Investment.
Apr 12 Engineering the future of water - Review of 2011 discussion series (1441KB)Document icon image
An Engineering the Future summary report of the 2011 Engineering the future of water discussion series. These events were a follow up to the original Global Water Security - an engineering perspective report published in 2010.
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Mar 12 Professional engineering governance: the critical need for quality engineering advice in the boardroom (2555KB)Document icon image
A briefing paper that addresses the role engineers play in making strategic high-level decisions in a wide range of organisations from private companies, both big and small, and government agencies.
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Jan 12 Smart Infrastructure: the future (230KB)Document icon image
A report that identifies the use and meaning of 'smart' and 'smart infrastructure'. Including a working definition, applications, benefits and potential barriers to a smarter future.
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Dec 11 Safety in engineered systems (143KB)Document icon image
A meeting was held at The Royal Academy of Engineering involving a range of professionals from across the engineering profession, industry and others with an interest in safety and safety systems. This report summarises the discussion on the day.
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Dec 11 Engineering the Olympics (907KB)Document icon image
A transcript of the Lloyd's Register Educational Trust Lecture given by John Armitt CBE FREng, Chairman of the Olympic Delivery Authority on 1 December 2011
[More event details available]
Oct 11 Philosophy of Engineering volume 2 (1265KB)Document icon image
The second volume of presentations from the seminar series on philosophy of engineering
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Sep 11 Business motivations for engaging the public in science and engineering (1095KB)Document icon image
This report identifies the need to build on approaches developed in recent years to engage the public with science and engineering and lays out a roadmap for all science related organisations, Government and other groups to take action
Jul 11 For the engineering leaders of tomorrow (422KB)Document icon image
Two lectures by Lord Browne of Madingley, President, The Royal Academy of Engineering 2006-2011
May 11 Competing in the global economy (1286KB)Document icon image
Conclusions and recommendations from a series of debates organised by The Royal Academy of Engineering on challenges facing the UK as it seeks to compete in a turbulent economy
Oct 10 Privacy and Prejudice
This report presents the findings of the public attitudes research project that was embedded within the wider engagement programme to explore young people's views on the development of an EPR system in the UK and its use in medical research.
The Royal Academy of Engineering
[Link to the Privacy and prejudice report page]
Jul 10 Philosophy of Engineering volume 1 (1265KB)Document icon image
Presentations from the seminar series on philosophy of engineering
Apr 10 Global Water Security - an engineering perspective (1889KB)Document icon image
Produced by Engineering the future
Aug 09 Autonomous Systems (294KB)Document icon image
A discussion document on the social, legal and ethical issues surrounding the development and use of autonomous systems was launched in August 2009. The document is the report of a roundtable discussion from a wide range of experts, looking at the areas where autonomous systems are most likely to emerge first, and discussing the broad ethical issues surrounding their uptake.
Jan 09 Inspiring_Women_Engineers (551KB)Document icon image
The booklet outlines the aim of the diversity of engineering campaign; outlines the reason for change and showcases the Academy's work to date
Nov 08 The second international Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering (1610KB)Document icon image
A book of abstracts of papers presented at the 3 day workshop
Nov 08 Engineering Change - Towards a sustainable future in the developing world (1380KB)Document icon image
A booklet highlighting some of the many ways in which engineers around the world contribute to improving the quality of life for poor people, with a particular focus on Africa
May 08 Academy Briefing: The Severn Barrage (2830KB)Document icon image
A collection of the transcripts delivered at the Severn Barrage briefing on 22 May 2008
Apr 08 Risk-Informed Investments in Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (676KB)Document icon image
Lloyd's Register Trust lecture by Dr Richard W Spinrad
Nov 07 Equalitec Diversity Forum: Changing Corporate Cultures (673KB)Document icon image
The proceedings of the third Equalitec Diversity Forum - Diversity: Changing Corporate Cultures which was held at the Royal Academy of Engineering on 30 November 2006
Sep 07 Implementing Diversity Policies: Guiding Principles (1093KB)Document icon image
A guide for ITEC and other engineering businesses who want to benefit from employing a diverse workforce
Jun 07 Statement of Ethical Principles (112KB)Document icon image
The Royal Academy of Engineering and ECuk have together produced a statement of engineering ethical principles to which it believes all professional engineers and related bodies should subscribe
May 07 Carpe Diem - the dangers of risk aversion (802KB)Document icon image
A Lloyd's Register Educational Trust lecture by Professor Roderick A Smith
Mar 07 Dilemmas of Privacy and Surveillance: Challenges of Technological Change (830KB)Document icon image
Nov 06 Lecture Series in Mobile Telecommunications and Networks (1314KB)Document icon image
Transcripts of the first three lectures in the Vodafone sponsored series of Academy lectures
Sep 06 Equalitec Diversity Forum: Productivity through diversity (791KB)Document icon image
A summary of the second Equalitec Diversity Forum - Productivity through Diversity held at the Royal Academy of Engineering on 11 May 2006
Jan 05 Humans in Complex Engineering Systems (3929KB)Document icon image
Sharing good practice workshop
John Turnbull FREng
Leader, Academy Risk Project
Jun 04 The Risk Debate (4510KB)Document icon image
Trust me, I'm an engineer
The Royal Academy of Engineering
Jan 03 Risk Posed by Humans in the Control Loop (736KB)Document icon image
Third of three reports on managing engineering risk
Jan 03 Common Methodologies for Risk Assessment and Management (976KB)Document icon image
Second of three reports on managing engineering risk
Jan 03 The Societal Aspects of Risk (633KB)Document icon image
First of three reports on managing engineering risk
Jun 99 Nuclear Energy: The Future Climate* (1956KB)Document icon image
Joint Report by the RAEng and Royal Society
To obtain a copy, please contact The Royal Society, Science Advice Section
Tel: 020 7451 2585
Jun 99 Nuclear Energy: The Future Climate* (116KB)Document icon image
Summary Report by the RAEng and Royal Society


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