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UK-Japan Symposium on Green Manufacturing and Eco-innovation

On 2-3 June, the Academy hosted the second UK-Japan Symposium organised jointly with the Engineering Academy of Japan. The theme of the meeting was green manufacturing and eco-innovation, reflecting the growing market for low carbon and 'clean' technology and the potential for the UK and Japan to contribute to and benefit from this. Over the course of the two days, nine Japanese and nine UK speakers addressed a wide range of topics. Professor Brian Collins FREng set the scene with a keynote speech on UK sustainable development policy and the move to a low carbon economy, and Dr Shuzo Nishioka, formerly Senior Advisor to the National Institute for Environmental Studies, described the Japanese roadmap for the move towards a low carbon society in his keynote address.

The subsequent sessions introduced a range of eco-innovations being developed in the two countries – from urban mining to recycle critical metals in electronic products to a technique for water-less washing of clothes – and described some of the key challenges, both technical and social, entailed in developing and adopting important technologies such as smart grids. One of the main messages to emerge was the need to consider the whole system when thinking about environmental impact, whether at the level of a particular technology, ownership models, industrial processes or national roadmaps.

Whilst the symposium showed many similarities in the activities being undertaken by the UK and Japan, it also highlighted some notable differences. Interestingly, both the Japanese and UK participants characterised the approach taken by their country as ‘bottom up’ and that of the other country as being ‘top down’. As pointed out by one of the Japanese co-chairs, it is these very differences that make such joint activities worthwhile.

We are grateful to Anglo-American Plc for its support for this event.

Symposium report (38KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Symposium programme (1235KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Speaker biographies (695KB)Adobe PDF document icon

Please click on the links below to view the presentations:

Introductory session

Prof Brian Collins FREng (985KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Dr Shuzo Nishioka (1344KB)Adobe PDF document icon

Session 2: Business model and process innovation

Prof Steve Evans (1999KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Dr David Clarke (1806KB)Adobe PDF document icon

Session 3: Product design

Dr Kohmei Halada (2812KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Prof Richard A Williams OBE FREng (2239KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Dr Nozomu Mishima (566KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Mr Paul Stein FREng (1115KB)Adobe PDF document icon

Session 4: Power supply innovation and energy efficiency

Mr Yutaka Wakasa (2588KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Prof Joe McGeehan CBE FREng (1586KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Prof Akihiko Yokoyama (1092KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Prof Marcus Newborough (1169KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Prof Masaharu Oshima (2865KB)Adobe PDF document icon

Session 5: New design concepts

Prof Masayoshi Esashi (2741KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Prof Emile H Ishida (6742KB)Adobe PDF document icon
Dr Hideki Kakisawa (6241KB)Adobe PDF document icon

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