To be eligible:

  • The programme of research can be in any area of engineering.
  • Awards are only tenable in UK universities.
  • The industrial sponsor must be a UK-based organisation. A maximum of two industrial sponsors is allowable, and in such circumstances the second might be based outside the UK. The industrial sponsor should be identified by the university and is required to provide to that university a letter of support outlining its interests in the research area and its intended financial support for the Chair/Senior Reserach Fellow. In special circumstances the “industrial sponsor“ might be another funding body such as a charity, Government Department or Research Council. In such cases the funding body is subject to the same terms and conditions as an industrial sponsor, and must also demonstrate a suitable pathway to exploit or disseminate the results.
  • Research Chairs are professorial appointments. Applicants should already be a professor, or be in the process of seeking a professorship.  To apply for a Senior Research Fellowship the applicant must be at a reader or senior lecturer level.
  • Applicants should be able to demonstrate strong engineering research experience and the ability to attract both other researchers and research income. The awardee will be required to establish or enhance an engineering research group and to build research income from a range of sources (for example, research councils, industry, or European Commission).
  • It should be noted that while the research programme will align closely with the interests of the industrial sponsor, it is not a consultation arrangement, but a collaboration, and it should not be solely for the benefit of that sponsor but should be at a pre-competitive level which will also attract the support of other organisations.
  • There are no nationality restrictions. The appointments must be held at a UK university. In the case of applicants from outside of the EU, the University will be responsible for securing the necessary work permits and visas.
  • The duration of an award is five years full time. You must agree these timescales with your proposed University and industry sponsor. Funding from the industry must cover the entire five-year period as a minimum.

If you work in a research grants office or equivalent, and so aid your colleagues in applying to such schemes, please email the research team to be added to a mailing list so we can update you directly when core rules change and new calls for applications are announced.