Collectively the Academy's research programmes aim to:

  • Grow engineering research capacity of value to existing and new companies by making strategically valuable connections between industry and academia
  • Celebrate and promote the best engineers and feats of engineering
  • Support the most talented young researchers and successful engineering innovators
  • Promote innovation and enterprise, underscoring the need for strong links between the research output from academia and the needs of industry
  • Increase engineering education and skills to address the critical need to increase available talent in engineering and technology at all levels
  • Inspire and engage young people and those who influence them
  • Fund public engagement activities in engineering to promote public participation in informed debate
  • Foster international collaborations and knowledge transfer

For the Industrial Secondment Scheme, which allows teaching staff in higher education institutuons to collaborate with industry:

Exchanges between industry and academia

For research fellowships and collaborations with international academics and institutions:

International research and collaborations

For schemes to support researchers to commercialise their work:

Support for entrepreneurs

Please note: The Academy in in the process of migrating all the application and assessment processes to an online grant system. To apply applicants must first register with the system by providing some basic log in details and creating a profile.  If you have any questions concerning the application process please get in touch with the scheme Programme Manager, whose contact details will be listed in the 'How to apply' page.