The next round will be launched later in 2014. Please check back here for updates.

The Industrial Secondment Scheme provides a valuable opportunity for teaching staff in higher education institutions to work on a collaborative project with industry. The secondment allows the awardee to gain up-to-date knowledge and first-hand experience of current industry working practices, enabling them to improve the quality and industrial relevance of their teaching. While on secondment the awardee may pursue a research project to further enhance knowledge transfer between industry and academia.

The scheme is open to engineers from all disciplines and provides funding to cover the salary cost of the applicant paid pro rata against the time to be spent at the industry host. Awards can be for any period up to six months full-time or a maximum of one year pro rata. Secondments must involve transfer from a UK university to a UK industry host. It is anticipated that the university and industry host will establish links for future collaborations.

Benefits to companies

  • Work with a highly qualified academic on a mutually beneficial subject.
  • Develop links with university staff, laboratories, workshops and equipment.
  • Make an input to the teaching of engineering and influence the next generation of engineers.
  • Interact with students, offer placements and recruit graduates.

Benefits to engineering academics

  • Gain up-to-date knowledge and first-hand experience of industry.
  • Improve the quality and industrial relevance of their teaching.
  • Provide material for case studies and ideas for new modules and projects.
  • Develop long-term links with industry.

Further information

For further details please contact Programme Manager Kerry Brandon

If you work in a research grants office or equivalent, and aid your colleagues in applying to such schemes, please email the research team to be added to a mailing list so we can update you directly when core rules change and new calls for applications are announced.