2017/18 Awardees

The following people have been named as Visiting Professors (subject to contract) in the 2017/18 funding round:

  • Dawn Bonfield MBE (Towards Vision) at Aston University
    Visiting Professor in Inclusive Engineering: Embedding Diversity and Inclusivity in Engineering Education
  • Dr Tim Fox (Independent Energy Consultant) at University of Exeter
    Visiting Professor in Clean Energy and Public Engagement
  • Malcolm Lees (Independent IT Consultant) at King's College London
    Visiting Professor in Software Performance Engineering
  • Dr Nicholas John Hazel (Retired / Independent Industry Consultant) at University College London
    Visiting Professor in Out-Of-The-Box Solutions for Engineering Problems
  • Atul Roy (British Telecom) at University of Kent
    Visiting Professor in Communication Networks
  • Professor K. Clive Thompson (ALS Life Sciences) at University of East London
    Visiting Professor in Sustainable Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  • John Eldridge CEng FIMechE (Cammell Laird Shiprepairers & Shipbuilders Limited) at University of Liverpool
    Visiting Professor in Developing the Next Generation Engineers
  • Gary Morgan (ETAS Ltd) at University of York
    Visiting Professor in Development of Deeply Embedded Safety-Critical Systems
  • Robert Deaves (Dyson Ltd) at Imperial College London
    Visiting Professor in System Architecture for Robotics
  • Ruth Allen (RSKW) at University of Exeter
    Visiting Professor in Infrastructure Engineering
  • Don McQuillan (RPS Consulting Engineers) at The Queen's University of Belfast
    Visiting Professor in Engineering Design
  • Patrick Conaghan (Retired) at Heriot Watt University
    Visiting Professor in Building Services & Environmental Engineering
  • Dr John Harris (HR Wallingford Ltd) at University College London
    Visiting Professor in Coastal and Offshore Engineering
  • Dr Shidhartha Das (ARM) at Newcastle University
    Visiting Professor in Low Power Embedded Systems
  • Gordon Findlay (BuroHappold Engineering) at Brunel University London
    Visiting Professor in Equipping Engineering Students with Practical Industry Skills and Professional Competence
  • Oliver Broadbent (Think Up) at Imperial College London
    Visiting Professor in Experience-led Learning
  • Stephen Newbury (Williams Advanced Engineering Limited) at University of Oxford
    Visiting Professor in Future Materials Technology and Business
  • Dr Brian Henderson (North Composites Engineering Ltd) at University of Central Lancashire
    Visiting Professor in Composite Materials Skills and Employability
  • Dr Raj Nangia FRAeS (R.K. Nangia Consultants) at University of the West of England
    Visiting Professor in Aerospace Vehicle Performance and Aerodynamics
  • James Yu (Scottish Power Energy Networks) at University of Glasgow
    Visiting Professor in Integrated Energy Systems
  • Sean Moran (Expertise Limited) at University of Chester
    Visiting Professor in Process Design for Employability
  • Jochen Leidner (Thomson Reuters) at University of Sheffield
    Visiting Professor in Data Analytics
  • Dr Paul Taylor FRAeS (Retired / Consultant) at University of the West of England
    Visiting Professor in Rotocraft Stability and Control
  • Chris Winter (Independent IT Consultant) at University of Plymouth
    Visiting Professor in Information Engineering Innovation
  • Colin Cunningham (UK ATC) at University of Edinburgh
    Visiting Professor in Innovation, Instrumentation and Systems Engineering
  • Dr Honor Powrie (General Electric) at University of Southampton
    Visiting Professor in Data and Analytics, Asset Condition Monitoring and Management
  • Dr Uwe Stein (Artemis Intelligent Power) at University of Edinburgh
    Visiting Professor in Design and Manufacturing

2016/17 Awardees

The following people are currently active RAEng Visiting Professors from the 2016/17 funding round:

  • Andrew Jackson (Foster + Partners) at University of Sheffield
    Visiting Professor in Sustainable Building Design

​Andrew Jackson has primarily worked with Architectural Engineering students on their Integrated Design Project, helping them develop the practical skills they need to apply the previously learnt theory to the process of sustainable building design.  Using this experience, Andrew has helped the University develop the syllabus to ensure it meets the needs of industry and gives the students the best opportunity to secure a top position within the industry.  He has also lectured students from various courses on topics including sustainability, passive design, renewable technologies, systems design, and analysing context.

  • Andrew Langridge (PRICE Systems Ltd) at University of Bath
    Visiting Professor in Whole life Cost Engineering and Cost Data Management
  • Andrew Banford (National Nuclear Laboratory) at University of Manchester
    Visiting Professor in Next Generation Nuclear Chemical Engineer
  • Anthony Morgan (IBM) at University of Leeds
    Visiting Professor in Innovation in Industry

​Tony Morgan has created a new 10 credit "Innovation Thinking and Practice" module for final year Engineering and Business undergraduates. This focuses on developing innovation, collaboration, commercial awareness and communication skills through team based projects creating a prototype, business case and presentation. Tony has also delivered employability workshops and carried out a range of additional activities.

  • Dr Allen J Edwards (Consultant / Retired) at Cardiff University
    Visiting Professor in Nuclear Engineering

​Professor Allen Edwards has been lecturing in Nuclear Engineering to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as supervising Nuclear Engineering related UG projects.  He has facilitated UG year in industry placements, along with organising and accompanying students on nuclear industry visits. Additional activities undertaken for the School of Engineering have included attending meetings as a member of the Industrial Advisory Board, attending the PhD Conference, and mentoring one of the School’s Research Groups.

  • Dr Andrew Sherlock (ShapeSpace Ltd) at The University of Edinburgh 
    Visiting Professor in Product Design for Profitability
  • Dr Caspar Clark (Helia Photonics Ltd) at University of the West of Scotland
    Visiting Professor in Functional Thin Film Materials & Applications

​Dr Caspar Clark has been working closely with four PhD students mentoring on aspects of advanced gas sensing diagnostics for medical applications, lead selenide deposition for infrared detectors (including hosting the student at his company), post deposition processing and novel plasma source development. In addition, Caspar is assisting with the design of courses and will deliver aspects of two taught MSc modules. He also chairs the industrial advisory board and is developing a student summer placement programme for undergraduates.

  • Dr David RS Williams at Loughborough University
    Visiting Professor in Sustainable Building Physics
  • Dr Jon Machtynger (IT Specialist, Cloud Advisor) at University of Surrey
    Visiting Professor in Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Innovation

​Dr Jon Machtynger has reviewed modules to identify areas of change supporting more industrial relevance. A gap was also identified relating to industrial alignment of project content (e.g. user-centricity, security, scalability, resilience). The final year guide will be modified to reflect these aims. A number of taught sessions have been delivered relating to career progression, project delivery hygiene, and cloud innovation. A joint MSc in Data Science is also under consideration to allow more visibility of IBM roles, industry expectations and faster on-boarding.

  • Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE (Association for Consultancy and Engineering) at Aston University
    Visiting Professor in Engineering and Infrastructure Leadership
  • Dr Richard Pearson (BP Technology Centre) at Brunel University London
    Visiting Professor in Advanced Powertrain and Fuels

Dr Richard Pearson has delivered lectures on advanced powertrain engineering, vehicle CO2 emissions, and fuel economy on the BEng/MEng course in Mechanical Engineering. He has supported research in the effects of water injection on engine combustion systems, reviewed research grant applications, and discussed strategic research direction for engine and vehicle technology with the Vice Dean for Research. He has also supported an event run by the Brunel Women in Engineering and Computing Mentoring scheme.

  • Dr Paul A. Davies (Lloyd's Register Global Technology Centre) at Liverpool John Moores University
    Visiting Professor in Risk Assessment and Marine Technology

​Dr Paul Davies has delivered lectures and helped revise modules for BEng/MEng Mechanical & Marine Engineering and MSc Marine & Offshore Engineering. This has focused on risk assessment in practical industrial applications. Paul has also mentored students, helped supervise research projects and contributed to two papers through collaboration with research students and staff.    

  • Dr Vili Panov (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Ltd) at University of Lincoln
    Visiting Professor in Gas Turbine Performance Diagnostics and Health Management

​Dr Vili Panov joined the University of Lincoln in 2016 as a Visiting Professor in Gas Turbine Performance Diagnostics and Health Management. He has contributed to teaching and mentoring through the delivery of Guest Lectures related to gas turbine technology and co-supervision of students on their individual final year projects. Involved in research activities in the field of machine fault diagnostics, contributing as a co-author of several technical papers.

  • Graeme Shaw (TFL) at University of Southampton
    Visiting Professor in Integrated Construction and Project Management
  • Kevin Steptoe (Sondrel) at University of York
    Visiting Professor in Management, Design and Fabrication of Digital Devices and Systems
  • Martin Goosey (MTG Research Ltd) at Loughborough University
    Visiting Professor in Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing

​Martin Goosey has focussed on sustainable electronics manufacturing.  During the past year he has supervised a number of laboratory practicals on printed circuit board manufacturing, and also given lectures for the same course. Martin has been the supervisor of three industrial placement students. Additionally, he have also lectured on product design and is availible as a mentor for the undergraduates at the University.

  • Martin Simpson (Arup) at University of Liverpool
    Visiting Professor in Digital Design, Construction and Collaboration in the Built Environment
  • Paul Tymkow (Hoare Lea LLP) at Brunel University London
    Visiting Professor in Sustainable Built Environment Engineering
  • Peter Debney (Arup) at University of Bradford
    Visiting Professor in Structural Engineering Design and Computer Simulation

​Peter Debney’s work with Bradford University has involved tutoring the Masters students on the Advanced Structural Design module and teaching on the Masters Finite Element Analysis module.  He has also taught individual first and second year classes on BIM and FEA.

  • Robert Harris (Rob Harris Design Limited) at University of Southampton 
    Visiting Professor in Auditorium and Building Acoustics

​Rob Harris has lectured on hearing loss in the music industry and speech intelligibility. He has led interactive design workshops on auditorium design and noise control and an inter-disciplinary group design project for an outdoor music performance enclosure. Rob has reviewed lecture notes, liaised on overseas university exchange visits and carried out mock job interviews.

  • Robert Ian Hutchison (Corbil Ltd) at University College London
    Visiting Professor in Application and Development of Academic Learning into the Railway Domain

​Robert Hutchinson is interfacing his railway industry knowledge and experience into the CEGE Department Masters programmes through: exposing the students to railway engineering and providing enhanced knowledge base; the provision of rail focused Masters modules; the application of railway learning to student’s integrated solutions; and facilitating Honorary Lecturer placements and enhancement of the relationship with the railway industry.

  • Robert William Shanks (Retired) at Coventry University
    Visiting Professor in Enhancing Student Engagement in Sustainable Manufacture using Practice-based Supervision

​Robert Shanks has worked with students acting on projects with the aim of improving the understanding of the students in terms of the generic skills learnt and relating to the wider aspect of the commercial world including commercial compliance and design sustainability. This has extended to pastoral guidance.

  • Steve Franklin (Philips Research) at University of Sheffield
    Visiting Professor in Bioengineering Industrial Innovation and Exploitation

​Steve Franklin has taken an active part in the education, coaching and advising of undergraduate Masters students and PhD students, focusing on the departments of Mechanical Engineering (ME) and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). Providing Masterclasses to CDT Tribology PhD students on industrial applications of tribology principles and case studies, and lectures on to undergraduates following Tribology and Bioengineering modules. Lectures are on engineering project management and industrial tribology case studies. Steve has played an active role in the Industrial Advisory Boards of Bioengineering, Mechanical Engineering and M.Eng. Engineering, attending regular meetings and also viewing/assessing the presentation by undergraduates (ME, MSE) of final year project posters and discussing these with the students. He has arranged industrial training placements at Philips (also in the future elsewhere in industry).  In 2016, he arranged placements for eight students in various departments at Philips Research in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and in Cambridge, UK. In 2017 eleven students were placed at the same sites.

  • Steve Kaye (Anglian Water Services) at Brunel University London
    Visiting Professor in Tackling Key industrial Water Challenges
  • Steven Adams & Sam Beale (Independent Consultant / Retired) at University of Cambridge
    Visiting Professor in Team-based Learning
  • Teo Heng Jimmy Yang (Olympus Surgical Technology Europe) at Cardiff University
    Visiting Professor in Medical Device Design
  • Vaughan Thomas (Tillingbourne Consulting Limited) at University College London
    Visiting Professor in Engineering Design of Next Generation Biomanufacturing Processes
  • Xavier Poteau (Sellafield Ltd.) at University of Manchester
    Visiting Professor in Robotics for Nuclear Decommissioning

​Using additive manufacturing techniques and polarising our interest onto single mission delivery has motivated the design of a new family of nuclear robotic tool for extreme challenges. The development of sacrificial robotics for nuclear exploratory work is currently bearing fruits and these small, relatively inexpensive systems, are now reaching a level of maturity allowing companies like Sellafield Ltd to deliver real value and progress in hazard and risk reduction. A selection of the current R&D (not limited to this RAE Professorship) can be found here: http://uomrobotics.com/

2015/16 Awardees

The following people are currently active RAEng Visiting Professors from the 2015/16 funding round:

  • Richard Baker (Rolls-Royce plc) at University of Leeds
    Visiting Professor in 
    Engineering Supply Chain Innovation
  • Pierre French (Retired) at University of Huddersfield
    Visiting Professor in Innovation and Employability in Automotive Powertrain Systems

Pierre French has enjoyed working as a visiting professor, aiming to develop ‘work ready’ students.  This has involved delivering enrichment talks on the world of Industry, and the expectations of Engineers, as well as a talk given jointly with his career employer, Cummins on advanced design techniques. Working with the University, Pierre has been involved in adjustments to the curriculum based on his 30+ years’ experience recruiting graduates, and discussed other potential ideas, including a new line of research in turbochargers.  

  • Dr Walter Holweger (Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co.) at University of Southampton
    Visiting Professor in Material Science, Tribology and Lubrication Chemistry

​Dr Walter Holweger has worked on the following research and projects: Detailed White Etching Cracks Material Research compared to Rolling Contact Fatigue; Data Acquisition and Data Science on Wind Turbine Failures; Fundamental Tribology in Interaction of Lubricants and Surfaces under Contact Conditions; and CO2 Harvesting and Conversion to Ethylene Oxide.

  • Malcolm Fox (Nylacast Ltd) at University of Bradford
    Visiting Professor in Innovative Polymer Engineering and Tribology

​Malcolm Fox has worked with Professor Martin Priest on Innovative Polymer Tribology for Electric Power Steering composite steel/nylon gear applications. Other applications are in oil/gas, construction vehicles, etc. Malcolm has developed student industrial collaboration, placement and project work, and hopes the university will offer a part-time, e-learning, MSc Polymer Technology for industry.

  • Dr Ivan Lucic (London Underground) at City University London
    Visiting Professor in Developing skills and enhancing employability through Systems Safety and Reliability

Dr Ivan Lucic has developed and introduced a new MEng and MSc module to deliver fundamental knowledge, concepts and best practises in System Reliability, Safety and Security analysis methodologies, planning, management, delivery and legal framework within which system safety is delivered. The module is supported by industrial placements and internships in London Underground.

  • Brian MacFarland (McFarland Associates Ltd) at Queen's University Belfast
    Visiting Professor in Managing ageing infrastructure and structural health monitoring in Civil Engineering
  • Dr Mike Raxworthy (Neotherix Ltd) at University of Leeds
    Visiting Professor in Medical Technology Innovation and Translation

​Dr Mike Raxworthy has continued his involvement in teaching and coaching on the Biomedical Engineering Design module delivered to level 3 BEng/MEng students.  This year he has again led teaching on medical device design and the process for selection of lead product concepts based on the need to satisfy regulatory, end-user and market requirements. He has overseen the expansion of Medical Technology Innovation training into a dedicated module – MedTech BEST (Business and Entrepreneurial Skills Training). Students were given the task to develop a MedTech product concept to solve a verified clinical need. Participants learnt about the skills, evidence, and regulations needed and the challenges likely to be encountered along this translation pathway.  They also “built” a company formed to commercialise this product concept, developed a business case and prepared a pitch to put before a Dragon’s Den-type judging panel.

  • Aaron Smith (Microsoft Research) at University of Edinburgh
    Visiting Professor in Compiler Engineering and Computer Architecture Undergraduate Education
  • Colin Eddie (UNPS Ltd) at University of Warwick
    Visiting Professor in Innovation and Tunnelling
  • Dr Ian Robertson (IBM Global Technology Services) at University of Warwick
    Visiting Professor in Applied information security management

​Dr Ian Robertson's contribution to the University of Warwick has included lecturing on cyber security, and the supervision of projects and dissertations of fourth year and MSc students. Dr Robertson has also worked on an industrial project with members of a joint academic/industrial project on the security of supply chain data, as well as collaborating with other events such as participation in the Warwick Post Graduate Training Programme, and the mentoring of students interested in a career in security.

  • Dr Scott Owens (National Nuclear Laboratory) at Imperial College London
    Visiting Professor in Nuclear Engineering
  • Chris Lawrence (Rail Safety & Standards Board) at University of Nottingham
    Visiting Professor in Embedded Professional Skills in Civil Engineering Education
  • Professor David Daniels (Short Range Radar Systems Ltd) at University of Manchester
    Visiting Professor in Enhancing the electromagnetics experience
  • Dr David Goddard (National Nuclear Laboratory) at University of Manchester
    Visiting Professor in Nuclear Fuel
  • Dr Steve Graham (National Nuclear Laboratory) at University of Liverpool
    Visiting Professor in Nuclear Engineering
  • Massimo Bombino (Vector Software) at Middlesex University
    Visiting Professor in Correctness and Certification of Computer Systems
  • David Drew (Retired) at University of Nottingham
    Visiting Professor in Engineering Design
  • Dr Isabel Hadley (TWI Ltd) at University of Bristol
    Visiting Professor in Integrity of Safety Critical Engineering Components
  • Dr Darren Lee (National Nuclear Laboratory) at Lancaster University
    Visiting Professor in Nuclear Engineering and Catalysis

​Professor Darren Lee has worked to develop two real technical challenges located at the Springfields nuclear fuel manufacturing site. Along with a preliminary tour, inspection and briefing, students were invited to consider various challenges associated with the site, including solutions to problems, and improvement of designs, eventually returning to Springfields to present their reports and presentations. In addition to the student activity, Professor Lee has also been focussed on the development of a further activity to be launched next year which concentrates on the ‘development of personal planning skills’ and ‘development of supporting skills’.

  • David Maroney (The MITRE Corporation) at Queen's University Belfast
    Visiting Professor in Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
  • Dr Andy Clough (Tata Steel) at University of Warwick
    Visiting Professor in Sustainable Materials in Transportation
  • Neil Barron (Gusto Design Ltd) at Royal College of Art
    Visiting Professor in Disruptive Market Innovation
  • Christina Jackson (Amey) at University of Birmingham
    Visiting Professor in Asset Management