The award recognises the contribution of a team of up to five engineers, based in the UK, who have delivered a major engineering project that has had a substantial impact on society.

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Closing date: Monday 23 November 2015




Atkins for delivering broadband infrastructure to Scotland's Highlands and Islands

Atkins has received the award for its part in the delivery of high speed broadband internet infrastructure to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, providing fast internet access to thousands of households and isolated communities. 

2015 Major Project Award news release



Arup for the regeneration of King's Cross

Five of Arup's top engineers - John Turzynski, Peter Evans, Ian Gardner, Mike Byrne and Jim Burridge - have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to the delivery of a number of large projects that have transformed King's Cross from a run-down district into a new city quarter and a magnificent multi-modal transport interchange.

2014 Major Project Award news release