The MacRobert Award, first presented in 1969, is the UK's longest-running and most prestigious national prize for engineering innovation.  

It honours the winning organisation with a gold medal, and the team members a cash prize of £50,000. The presentation of the Award recognises outstanding innovation, tangible societal benefit and proven commercial success.

Originally founded by the MacRobert Trusts, the Award is now presented and run by the Royal Academy of Engineering, with support from the Worshipful Company of Engineers.

2017 MacRobert Award Winner

  • Raspberry Pi, for its inexpensive credit card-sized microcomputers, which are redefining how people engage with computing, inspiring students to learn coding and computer science and providing innovative control solutions for industry.
    2017 finalist: Raspberry Pi

2017 MacRobert finalists

Three global game-changers are in the running for this year’s coveted MacRobert Award. The global impact of this year’s finalists demonstrates that the UK innovation scene is stronger than ever.

They are:

  • Darktrace, for their cyber ‘immune system’ that uses machine learning to self-learn what is ‘normal’ for an organisation’s computer network and uses that understanding to detect and fight back against emerging threats that human operators may miss, while keeping the rest of a system running.
    2017 finalist: Darktrace
  • Vision RT, for the world’s most accurate real-time 3D body surface imaging system that enables doctors giving radiotherapy to target cancerous tumours with pinpoint accuracy, speeding treatment times while reducing discomfort for patients during radiotherapy and minimising collateral damage that can cause serious side effects.
    2017 finalist: Vision RT