The Academy's international exchange programme is now the Newton Research Collaboration Programme. The Research Exchanges with India and China scheme is no longer being administered. The information about RECI remains here for reference. 

List of current and recent awards

The scheme enabled engineering researchers at UK Higher Education institutions to travel to a Chinese or Indian institution, or China/India-based researchers to spend time at a UK institution (a one-way exchange). Exchanges where a researcher at a UK-based Institution traveled to a Chinese/Indian institution and a China/India based researcher at that institution also traveled to the same UK institution were also allowed (a two-way exchange).

The main objectives were to:

  • promote collaboration between high quality engineering researchers in the UK and China/India, which continue beyond the Academy supported exchange
  • allow researchers to gain international experience and access world-class expertise
  • strengthen relations between leading partners in these countries and support the expansion of international networks of excellence in engineering research.

Awards supported visits of 3-12 months as part of longer-term efforts to build UK-China/India partnerships.

Awards provided funding at a flat rate of £2,000 per month of exchange visit (up to £24,000 for 12 months total exchange visit/s), regardless of the direction of travel or whether the exchange was one- or two-way.

Exchanges between 3-6 months could have been either pre-existing collaborations or new collaborations. Exchanges longer than six months building on pre-existing collaborations must have initiated new technical dimensions, as continuation studies were not supported.