The UK Forum for Computing Education (UKForCE), hosted by the Academy, brings together representatives from across the communities of education, computer science, digital media, IT, engineering and telecommunications. It is an independent committee advocating for the computing community on 5-19 computing issues. UKForCE  is independent of government and awarding organisations. It will work towards improving computing education across all education sectors of the UK. 

UKForCE will produce specific recommendations in response to calls for evidence from government and other organisations, and produce independent reports addressing high quality 5-19 computing education throughout the UK. 

The expert body has been established in response to the recommendation from the Royal Society - Royal Academy of Engineering report Shutdown or restart: the way forward for computing in UK schools, published in 2012, which had as a key recommendation the formation of a UK forum for the UK's computing bodies.

UKForCE website