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Schemes for Secondary School Students

The generous financial support of the Gatsby Charitable Foundation in developing and establishing the Best Programme is gratefully acknowledged.

As part of its Best Programme, the Academy promotes a number of schemes at pre-university level that encourage young people to consider professional engineering as a career:

  • Young Engineers (Best) 7-19 Yrs

    A national network of over 1600 science, engineering, electronics and technology clubs in schools and colleges throughout the UK. The extra curricular clubs provide a unique resource that allows students from the age of 7 up to 19, to tap into a learning environment that will help create tomorrow's engineers.

    For further information visit the Young Engineers website at

  • The Smallpeice Trust Engineering Courses (Best) 13-18 Yrs

    The Trust's courses enable young people to work with experienced professional engineers either on residential courses at universities or in STEM enrichment activities arranged in schools. These courses provide age-appropriate training over a wide range of engineering topics. Students leave with both technical and management skills. A strong interface with industry, education and professional bodies helps to ensure that the courses are properly supported, promoted and developed. the Trust continues to build on these relationships to widen the scope of opportunity available to young people and to strengthen its reputation for developing and delivering courses to a high standard.

    For further information visit the The Smallpeice Trust website at

  • The Engineering Education Scheme (Best) 16-17 Yrs

    The scheme enables Year 12 students studying relevant subjects to solve real industrial problems for real companies. A professional engineer from the company liaises with and advises the teams of students and their teachers in solving the problem and producing a report and presentation. Universities support the scheme and provide residential workshops during the course of the projects.

    For further information visit the websites at:

  • Headstart (Best) 16-17 Yrs

    This scheme enables Year 12 students to spend a week at a university engineering department, getting a taste of life as an engineering undergraduate and learning about potential careers and undergraduate courses in engineering.

    For further information visit the Headstart website at

  • The Year in Industry (Best) 18-19 Yrs

    High-calibre students are selected to gain pre-university experience of industry backed by comprehensive ‘off the job’ training during a gap year.

    For further information visit the Year in Industry website at



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