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STEM Teaching Resources

Developed with teachers, the Academy has produced a suite of engineering based resources for teachers and STEM Ambassadors.

“We want more” Design and Technology Teacher, Birmingham

“A really interesting activity. We plan to use it for the whole of year 9 as part of our STEM weeks activities” Science Teacher, London

The resources fall into three types:

  • Support Resources
    Information and support resources for STEM Ambassadors and STEM Club Leaders to help highlight the Engineering in STEM

  • Activity Resources
    Quick, inexpensive activities that can be used to spark inspiration and show the diversity of engineering.

  • Teaching and Learning Resources
    Longer activities for use in a STEM Club, as a STEM Challenge Day or to enhance and add contextualisation to the curriculum. They combine D&T, mathematics and science in one activity.

Please download the hazard sheet below which provides pointers for your risk assessments:

We are developing more activities so please visit again to see what new resources we have uploaded.



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