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Engineering Activities and Resources

CREST accreditation

Many of the Engineering Engagement Project activities can be used towards CREST Awards. This scheme is coordinated by the British Science Association.

CREST Awards are available at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, depending on the amount and depth of work your students carry out. Bronze Awards need around 10 hours of project work and are usually completed by 11- to 14-year-olds.

How do these resources fit?

A number of the resources can be used to work towards CREST Bronze Award Accreditation. As by following the resources students will already be demonstrating many of the skills they need to obtain a CREST Award.

Why link to CREST?

  • It’s a way for students' work to receive a national accreditation - a Bronze CREST Award is a significant achievement.

  • It provides evidence of problem-solving skills and motivates students to go on to CREST at Silver and Gold level.

  • CREST is recognised by UCAS as an indicator of relevant skills and achievements supporting university applications and it can also form part of your students' Progress Files.

  • It motivates students of all ages and abilities.

  • It develops students’ understanding of 'how science works', preparing them for GCSE studies.

  • It helps students to evaluate and conclude their own merits and achievements based on their own experiences.

What do I need to do?

Find the contact details of your CREST Local Coordinator at and they will explain in more detail about how the scheme works and the cost of taking part.


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