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The Best Programme

Best is The Royal Academy of Engineering’s central initiative in engineering education. Best, which stands for ‘Better engineering, science, technology’, aims to:

  • Recruit, train and retain the brightest and most motivated young people into and within the engineering profession to fulfil the needs of the economy and society.

  • Create mutually beneficial partnerships between industry and education, where the needs of companies and the aspirations of individuals are satisfied.

  • Provide comprehensive, value-adding education and training opportunities that can be accessed throughout an individual’s engineering career.

The Academy is committed to total quality throughout the Best programme. It offers employers the opportunity to identify and recruit the most talented young people wishing to enter, or who are already part of, the engineering profession, and to import their skills and expertise. Consequently the Best Programme enjoys the participation of a broad cross-section of industry across its component schemes.

Technology leadership is a balance of innovation, reliability, flexibility and economics; and the Engineering Leadership Scheme, the Executive Engineers Programme Undergraduate Programme and the Sainsbury Management Fellowships scheme hone all these qualities in its participants.

Read more detailed information on the individual activities within the Best Programme.

Further information

For enquiries about the Best Programme or any of the schemes listed above contact Lynda Mann at the Academy's address.

[E-mail Lynda Mann]

For enquiries about the Sainsbury Management Fellowship Scheme contact Kerry Brandon.

[E-mail Kerry Brandon]

For over twenty years, The Royal Academy of Engineering has provided support for a number of schemes that promote engineering to young people in schools and colleges. This work continues through a partnership with the Engineering and Technology Board. To find out more please visit:



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