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Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine and Research Director for Biomedical Material Sciences, Department of Materials and Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London

Molly Stevens has been recognised nationally and internationally as one of the leading younger innovators in the multidisciplinary synthesis of biology and engineering that is redefining approaches to disease, injury and surgery. She is Professor of Biomedical Materials and Regenerative Medicine at Imperial College London where she leads a diverse research group that includes work on directed differentiation of stem cells, the design of bioactive scaffolds and new approaches to tissue regeneration and ultrasensitive biosensing. Her researches are leading to new ideas in the engineering of large quantities of human mature bone and have implications for the reconstruction of more ‘difficult’ organs such as the liver and the pancreas.

Professor Stevens has been very active in promoting the technologies in biological engineering both to learned audiences and more widely. She has lectured to the Royal Society, where she has been an award-winner, and has featured on popular science programmes on BBC Radio Four. Her research group at Imperial has a lively website – – and she has also taken a leading role in the commercialisation of tissue engineering technologies with several spinout companies from her work.


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