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Founder Fellows

The Council of Engineering Institutions – News Release 10 June, 1976

Duke of Edinburgh to hold inaugural meeting of fellowship of engineering tomorrow.

The newly created Fellowship of Engineering set up earlier this year by the Council of Engineering Institutions (CEI) is to hold its inaugural meeting at Buckingham Palace tomorrow (Friday, 11 June) when some one hundred Founder Fellows will be welcomed by the Duke of Edinburgh, the Senior Fellow, who will preside.

Following an initiative from Prince Philip some years ago, the Fellowship was created by CEI to provide a means for the exchange of opinion and specialist knowledge and to give advice on national issues of the day which involve engineering considerations. This nucleus of influential and eminent chartered engineers will thus be available to give guidance to the Government and others on matters involving engineering knowledge and experience.

It is intended that the Fellowship will be accepted nationally and internationally as a body with sufficient authority to present the views of engineers free of sectional interests and to cooperate with similar bodies a home and overseas.

The creation of the Fellowship was announced last February by Prince Philip when he was president of CEI. He said that in fulfilling its objectives the Fellowship would do much to raise the standing and prestige of our engineers. Immediately following Prince Philip’s announcement, 137 distinguished chartered engineers were invited to become Founder Fellows. These were made up from those who were currently Fellows of the Royal Society together with a number of other eminent engineers selected after consultation with the Presidents of CEI’s fifteen member institutions.

Of those invited to become Founder Fellows, 129 (see attached list) have now accepted. Additional Fellows will be elected by the Fellowship itself, eventually to a number not exceeding 1,000 but mot more than 60 in any one year.

After signing the Roll and hearing an introductory statement from Prince Philip, the Founder Fellows at tomorrow’s meeting will discuss the work and the future role of the Fellowship. An Executive Committee will be formed under the chairmanship of Lord Hinton of Bankside who, as CEI President, will provide a coordinating link between the Fellowship and the CEI.

The Fellows will be expected to participate fully in the work of the Fellowship, and by giving it the benefit of their knowledge and experience help to promote the status of engineering.


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