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List of Fellows

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WILSON, Professor Tony FREng [2008]

WILSON, Ms Sophie Mary FREng [2009]

WINDLEY, Eur Ing Royce Osborne OBE FREng [1993]

WINDRAM, Dr Michael (David) FREng [1993]

WINSER, Mr Nicholas Paul FREng [2010]

WINSTON, Professor Lord Robert HonFREng FMedSci [2008]

WINTERBONE, Professor Desmond Edward FREng [1989]

WIRTH, Mr Nicholas John Peter FREng [2005]

WISE, Professor Christopher Mark RDI FREng [2003]

WITHERS, Professor Philip John FREng [2005]

WITHERS, Professor Michael John FREng [1990]

WITTY, Professor Robert William FREng [2004]

WOLSTENHOLME, Mr Andrew OBE FREng [2013]

WOOD, Mr Alan John CBE FREng [2005]

WOOD, Professor John Vivian CBE FREng [1999]

WOOD, Sir Martin (Francis) OBE HonFREng FRS [1994]

WOOD, Professor Graham Charles FREng FRS [1990]

WOODCOCK, Professor James Charles Paul FREng [2011]

WOODLEY, Professor John FREng [2009]

WOODS, Professor William Alfred FREng [1989]


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