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List of Fellows

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ROBINSON, Mr Stephen Joseph OBE FREng FRS [1979]

ROBINSON, Dr Alan Jeffery FREng [1982]

ROBINSON, Sir Ian FREng FRSE [1994]

ROBINSON, Dr Geoffrey Walter CBE FREng [1994]

ROBINSON, Mr John Harris FREng [1998]

ROCHE, Mr Anthony Douglas FREng [1997]

RODGER, Professor Albert Alexander FREng [2010]

ROFE, Professor Brian Henry FREng [1993]

ROGERS, Mr Victor Alfred Baden CBE FREng [1979]

ROGERS, Mr Peter William CBE FREng [2005]

ROGERS, Professor Philip John MBE FREng [1998]

ROGERS OF RIVERSIDE, Lord Richard George CH HonFREng [2005]

ROITH, Mr Oscar CB FREng [1983]

ROOKE, Mr David William MBE FREng [2013]

ROOLEY, Mr Richard Herbert FREng [1989]

ROSCOE, Professor Andrew William FREng [2011]

ROSE, Sir John HonFREng [2009]

ROSS, Mr Christopher Graham FREng [1995]

ROSTRUP-NIELSEN, Dr Jens Richard FREng [1993]

ROTTER, Professor John Michael FREng FRSE [2004]


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