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The Fellowship

Council and Committees: Proactive Membership Committee

The main role of the Committee is to ensure that the pool of candidates proposed for election to the Fellowship better reflects the society within which the Academy exists. The Committee therefore identifies and researches prospective candidates and supports the nomination of candidates from a broad range of underrepresented areas. In particular, the Committee aims to:

  • Increase the number of women candidates substantially

  • Increase the proportion of candidates from industry compared with academia

  • Increase the proportion of candidates who come from SMEs compared with large companies

  • Reduce the average age of candidates

  • Obtain candidates from underrepresented industry sectors and in particular from areas of new and emerging technologies

  • Increase the number of candidates from ethnically diverse backgrounds

The Committee is also tasked to offer advice to the Academy Council and Membership Committee on targets for candidates, the boundaries of the Profession, the election process and the overall effectiveness of the Academy’s Proactive Membership work.

Chair Mr N Cooper FREng
Ex Officio The President
Members Dr P Bennett FREng
Professor M C Forde FREng FRSE
Dr R I Laming FREng
Professor G C Maitland FREng
Professor W Powrie FREng
Prof K Ridgway CBE FREng
Mr A D Roche FREng
Professor A Unsworth FREng
Professor B Weiss FREng
Committee Secretariat Dr Chris Coulter


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